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It has been a busy Spring here at Firetrail Designs.

Fresh Market Flowers 2, our latest flower collection, was released a few weeks ago, perfect timing for some Spring sewing. And now we are happy to announce that the latest installment of our Let’s Play Dolls collection began shipping to local quilt shops this past week!

Party Dress Panel

In this latest collection of Let’s Play Dolls we combined a few of our favorite things- baking, birthdays and parties! As we design new panels we think about what our 18″ doll still needs in her wardrobe. Of course she needs a fun party dress to wear at her next birthday party or other special event! We decided on kind of a flirty, drop waist dress in a bold, zebra print. Paired with a matching shoulder bag and your 18″ doll is all set to party.

Drop Waist Party Dress in Aqua

Drop Waist Party Dress in Aqua

With this “party” theme in mind, we thought about all the fun party treats and cakes that we like to make getting ready for a special event. Why not add a fun apron, chef hat and oven mitt so that the 18″ dolls can have fun baking too? The cupcake apron is reversible and comes complete with pockets and adjustable straps.

18" Doll in the Kitchen

18″ Doll in the Kitchen

We also created a separate child’s size apron panel so that little girls can have a matching apron!

Matching Kid's Apron Panel

Matching Kid’s Apron Panel

Last but not least we added a few party decorations to the “party” panel, a table cloth filled with sweet treats and a matching party banner. Put them all together and you have the perfect 18″ doll party!

New Installment of Let's Play Dolls: Let's Party

New Installment of Let’s Play Dolls: Let’s Party

All three panels are available in the 2 color ways shown, pink and aqua. Feel free to mix and match! We have also experimented with mixing in a some of the other items in our Let’s Play Dolls wardrobe and they pair perfectly too.

Let's Party Apron and Decor Panel

All of the Let’s Party panels are available at local quilt shops in your area (find one HERE) or Online. As with all of our Let’s Play Dolls panels we have Step-by-Step tutorials for each of the panels on our website.

Happy Spring and Let’s Party!



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Over the past couple of years making lots of 18″ doll clothes we have discovered a few tools and tricks that make all the difference when sewing 18″ Doll Clothes.


Fuse 'n Gather

Fuse ‘n Gather

This amazing product is a fusible gathering tape that lets you create gathers or ruffles effortlessly. Simply iron the pre-stitched fusible  tape on the wrong side of the fabric where you would like the gathers.

Ironing the Fuse 'n Gather Tape

Ironing the Fuse ‘n Gather Tape

Gently pull the blue threads and you get perfectly spaced gathers every time. They pull so easily that you will never want to stitch your own basting stitches again!

Gathered Princess Peplum

Gathered Princess Peplum

The best part of this product you don’t have to worry about pulling out those basting stitches when you are done. They are hidden from view on the wrong side of you project. We use this handy tape on any of our 18″ doll outfits that requires gathering. It is especially helpful on the Princess Costume!

Let's Pretend: Princess Costumes

Let’s Pretend: Princess Costumes



One of our favorite new tools is the Hold It Precision Stiletto from Joan Hawley and Clover.

Hold It Precision Stiletto


This is the most versatile stiletto that we have ever used. One end is made out of heat-resistant silicone and is perfect for pressing seams open. Especially the tiny seam on doll clothes. Just think… no more burned fingertips!

Pressing seams open with the heat resistant stiletto.

Pressing seams open with the heat-resistant stiletto.

The other end, your more traditional stiletto point, is great for guiding fabric when sewing. Perfect for holding pieces in place while keeping your fingers clear from the fast-moving needle. The innovate curved tip also makes it so that you have the greatest visibility when sewing.

Sewing with the more traditional stiletto end.

Sewing with the more traditional stiletto end.

One last great advantage to this handy tool is its overall design. It fits perfectly in your hand- not to small- so no hand strain after hours of sewing. This tool never strays far from our machines- well, unless it is over at the pressing board.



While our next tip is a bit more of an investment, it is definitely worth it. We have a couple different mini ironing boards that we have picked up over the years and they have proven to be very useful in making doll clothes and other small projects. Makes sense right? A mini ironing board for mini clothes! Using one of these boards does wonders when pressing collars, sleeves, etc. Just slip them over the end of the board and you get a perfect press every time.

Mighty Mini Ironing Board

Mighty Mini Ironing Board

Mini ironing boards have been a little tricky to find. Recently Joan Hawley worked with Clover to develop the Mighty Ironing Board as part of her Press Perfect line of tool (the same line that includes the Stiletto from #2).

While it  is a bit larger (4 inches wide) than some of the other boards that we have tried, it does have the best construction and is very sturdy when you are working with it. And the best part, the cover is washable and replaceable! It is definitely one to consider.



Last but not least, our favorite closure for all of our doll clothes- Hook and Loop Tape! While we do use snaps of buttons every once in a while when the style of the outfit calls for something different, we use hook and loop tape for nearly all of our doll clothes.

It is the easiest for us to apply and also the easiest for children to use during dress up. A hook and loop closure makes the doll clothes so easy to put on and take off and it  holds up well after hours of play time. You won’t be loosing any buttons or pulling off any snaps.

Colored Hook and Loop Tape

Colored Hook and Loop Tape

We even have a whole stash of colored hook and loop so that we can coordinate it with the outfit- sometimes black or white just won’t do. It also makes it less noticeable when the colors coordinate, even if they don’t match exactly. We also don’t worry about the width of the hook and loop tape that we buy- we simply trim it down to about 1/2″ or smaller depending on the outfit or garment.


We hope these tools and tips eliminate some of the frustration in your sewing. Whether it is 18″ doll clothes or another sewing/quilting projects it is so important to find those little things that make life a little easier.

Happy Sewing!

Sharon and Michelle

P.S. All of these products can be found at your Local Quilt Shop or sewing supply store. We also have some of them available on our Website.

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There is no denying it… Fall is upon us!

Stores are setting up their Halloween and Harvest displays and my Pinterest feed is filled with great ideas and recipes for my favorite season. While the weather hasn’t quite changed yet here in the Pacific Northwest, I am so ready. Bring on the rainy days, hot cocoa, late night sewing and baked apple anything!

In honor of the arrival of Fall and with Halloween just around the corner we are unveiling TWO new Let’s Play Dolls panels from Andover Fabrics– a Princess and a Rock Star doll costumes. Perfect for dressing up on October 31st or anytime during the rest of the year.

Princess and Rock Star

Let’s Pretend: Rock Star and Princess Costumes

Each costume comes in a PINK and an AQUA colorway, and the aqua princess reminds us of a certain “frosty” princess that is all the rage these days.

New Princess and Rock Star Outfits

Like all of our Let’s Play Dolls panels, both costumes fit most 18″ dolls and we have step-by-step picture tutorials posted on our website should you get stuck while you are sewing. They also each come with a great accessory to complete the look. The Rock Star panel comes with a Zebra print headband that can also be used as the perfect hair tie. The Princess panel comes with an adorable little crown that you can decorate with rhinestones and glitter to really make it shine.

Let’s Pretend: Princess Panel in Pink

Each of the Let’s Pretend panels are available at local quilt shops (find one near you HERE) and Online. Watch for a helpful tutorial using one of our favorite notions here on the blog- it will definitely come in handy while you are stitching up the Princess dress. Now time to get back to sewing!

Enjoy the Arrival of Fall!


P.S. We have added some adorable shoes and accessories to our website that match the costumes perfectly. Be sure to check them out.

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Spring is here and who isn’t ready to escape all of the winter weather!

We are so excited that Spring has arrived. The cherry blossoms are blooming, the garden is coming alive and we can’t wait to start planting lots of new flowers and veggies. It is also the time of year when we all must to find a new balance between our life outside and our life inside. After all, we can’t just abandon our sewing machines, they might rebel!

A few of the prints in our new "Summer Fun" collection.

A few of the prints in our new “Summer Fun” collection.

What better way to get in the “Spring Sewing” mood than with a new project and a new fabric collection. We are so happy to announce that our new fabric collection, Let’s Play Dolls: Summer Fun is now available. It is the perfect fabric group to celebrate Spring and everything it has to offer. Full of fun florals and butterflies in bright, cheery colors it is a great way to freshen up your home and your sewing.

Completed 18" Doll Outfits in each Summer Fun color way

Completed 18″ Doll Outfits in each Summer color way

The line also includes two new adorable outfits for 18″ dolls on pre-printed panels. Each panel comes complete with one 18″ doll outfit, matching doll accessory and complete sewing instructions. There are also step-by-step illustrated tutorials for each panel on our website if you should get stuck.

All About Summer Top and Capri Pants Panel

All About Summer Top and Capri Pants Panel

For all of those little girls that love to dress just like their doll, the matching outfit patterns are also now available and include sizes 7 to 14. Each patterns comes with a bonus accessory pattern to compete the look!

Matching Girls Outfit Pattern in sizes 7-14

Matching Outfit Pattern in sizes 7-14

Be sure to watch for new ideas and tutorials coming soon in the next couple of weeks. Maybe even a Giveaway or two… We also have lots of projects that we hope to have done before Quilt Market in May- both personally and professionally. We can’t wait to share!

Happy Spring Sewing!
Sharon and Michelle

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Time to add a new outfit to the closet! Our latest “Let’s Play Dolls” group of pre-printed fabric panels for 18″ dolls and matching prints has arrived.

Pink Pks 1

Pre-Printed Pajama Panel for 18″ dolls. Just cut and sew!

The latest installation of the “Let’s Play Dolls” series includes a pair of adorable pajamas (with matching slippers!) on one panel and a doll-sized cheater quilt and pillows on the other. Both panels are available in 2 colorways that little girls are sure to love- pink/purple and lime/purple.

All you have to do is cut and sew using the instructions printed right on the panel. Get stuck? Don’t worry we have step by step illustrated tutorials on our website ready to help you. There is even a QR code printed right on the panel to take you there using your smart phone or tablet!


Pre-Printed Pajama Panel in Pink

The prints shown on the panels have been scaled down to be the perfect size for 18″ dolls. Each print is also available as running yardage so that you can make a matching pair of pajamas and quilt for your 18″ doll enthusiast. Be sure to check out our matching patterns at your local quilt shop or on our website.


Coordinating prints sized for little girls.

Each of these projects are a perfect addition to any 18″ doll collection. What doll couldn’t use a new pair of PJ’s and a matching quilt? Maybe even a whole room make over? Did we mention that the matching quilt pattern makes a twin sized quilt…

Solid Bed with Doll

Complete the look with matching PJ’s, Quilt and Bed!

Can’t choose which colorway? Why not both! We painted our adorable bunk bed purple to match both quilt panels- check out how cute they turned out.

Bunk Bed Made Up

Bunk bed decked out in both Quilt Panels.

Be sure to check out all of the Let’s Play Dolls fabrics and patterns during your next trip to your local quilt shop or visit us online HERE.

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We are so excited to announce that our latest fabric collection is now available at your local quilt shop!

“Let’s Play Dolls” isn’t your typical fabric collection- it includes Pre-Printed panels to make 18″ doll clothes. All you have to do is cut and sew!


Floral dress panel in the purple/green color way. Just cut & sew!

In this first collection, there are 2 different outfit panels- one for a fun, floral dress with matching clutch and the other for an adorable, top and pants outfit with matching shoulder bag. Each outfit is available in 2 color ways, pink/orange and purple/green.


Adorable butterfly floral.

The rest of the fabrics included in the “Let’s Play Dolls” collection are each of the prints included on the panels. The prints have been scaled larger so that you can make matching outfits for your 18″ doll enthusiast. Girls love to dress up just like thier doll and this is the perfect fabric collection to do it. Oh and did we mention that we have the matching patterns available for Girls sizes 7-14 so they can match exactly! Too Cute!

Purple Play Outfit 2

Completed Play Outift in purple/green.

Visit our website to see the rest of our new collection or check it out at your local quilt shop! We have also posted lots of pictures on Facebook. We know you and the special little girl you make these outfits for will love it : )

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